Darren Tomalin

Darren Tomalin is an imaginative and focused screenwriter based in England with a varied and original portfolio of features and shorts available for development.


Darren James Tomalin is a screenwriter who also helps other writers develop their scripts. He has been on the planet 42 years as of April 2014 and was born in Northampton, England and has lived there all his life.

He originally wanted to be cartoonist and graphic designer (A passion he still fuels by creating his own posters for his scripts) but destiny had other plans for him.

During his informative years he would spend every penny he had going to the movies.  An old flea-pit cinema called the Regal was where he would watch films every day, sometimes two or three times a week and watching each film he could get in to as many times as he could scrape together the ticket money for.  Even if he couldn't afford to get in the cinema, the window to the projection room was usually open and he would sit on the bench outside and listen to the soundtrack of the movie imagining the pictures in his head.  He would sneak into 15 and 18 cert films and just to feed his movie addiction and if he got caught by a nice usherette, he would be recognized and sometimes be allowed to stay (though at the back under supervision).

Darren's record in those days was watching Return of The Jedi twice a day for the entire week it was showing. 

After meeting a wedding DJ in his local youth club, Darren explored his love of music and became a successful DJ landing residencies in all the local bars and up and down the country, in particular on the renowned Euphoria album tour.  He still makes his own electronic music which you can hear here: http://soundcloud.com/djdarrenjames

One day he hopes to score one of his own movies.


Darren lives in Daventry, England with his 13 year old son Callum who also loves Star Wars (The Original Trilogy).