Darren Tomalin

Darren Tomalin is an imaginative and focused screenwriter based in England with a varied and original portfolio of features and shorts available for development.

Knowing beth novelisation

After plenty of nudging by friends, colleagues and contacts, I decided to adapt Knowing Beth into a book which you can now buy from Amazon. It's a story that is very special to me and the first script I ever wrote. I hope you enjoy it.





In the near future after a global catastrophe that left behind a scorched Earth, a mismatched team of mercenaries hire out their specialist skills while avoiding the attention of rival mercenaries, draconic law enforcement, powerful mega corporations and their own pasts.

They’ll get the job done, just don’t ask how...

TV series, Action/Adventure (some violence, adult themes) 



A troubled soldier returns home to help his sister spread his estranged father's ashes at the remote cabin they used to spend their childhood vacations. But when he stumbles upon a group of rogue mercenaries lead by a psychopathic ex-special forces soldier and they kidnap his sister, he must call upon all his experience and skills to save her and foil their deadly agenda.

Action/Adventure (strong language, violence)



A jaded detective investigates a series of disturbing murders linked to a serial killer from over twenty years ago. As the case unfolds, the horrifying connection is revealed to be more than just copycat killings.

Thriller (Adult themes, language, violence, sexual content) 


A contract killer who wants to get out of the business performs one last job, but when the hit goes wrong he has to hide out at his estranged family's ranch in the country. As he struggles with his conscience, he also must confront his past, both as a contract killer and as the black sheep of his family.

Drama (some language, sexual content, violence) 



A socially awkward dreamer finds his nut-job dead best friend's bucket list and vows to complete it in her memory, but as he completes one quirky wish after another, he uncovers secrets about her that make him confront his own demons before he can begin the healing process.

Drama/comedy (some language, sexual references, drug use)




A young love lorn white witch casts a spell to make her crush fall in love with her, and awakens the ancient power of The Triple Goddess. Little did she realize that these three forgotten Deities live across the street, now settled into a mortal life, and are not quite what she expected.

Romcom (some language)



A bordello madame in Nazi occupied France during the early days of World War 2 swears revenge against a Nazi officer who wrongs her and her girls. But her impulsive actions and quick temper thrusts them all into a deadly fight for survival and into the ranks of The Resistance.

Action/Revenge (violence, sexual themes)



the RIFT

A troubled young woman is hired by a mysterious company to join a group of scientists sealed inside a secret research facility and is thrust into a desperate fight for survival when they unleash a deadly and horrifying alien force.

Horror (language, gory violence)



A psychiatrist investigates some murders that echo a chilling case he worked on a few years before. As he races against time to save a group of backpackers from being the latest victims, he comes to the horrifying realization that the murderer is connected to him in more ways than he imagined.

Horror/Thriller (Strong language, sexual themes and gory violence)

From a story by Marcus Ragnone.





When a wounded father with memory loss is accused of a murder he can't remember and sinister agents take an interest in him for unknown reasons, he soon learns that the two are connected in unfathomable ways and that some things are better left forgotten.

Psychological Action Thriller (Adult themes, language, violence, moderate sexual content)



Three strangers in a dentist's waiting room discover that they are connected in an unimaginable way.

Drama/Short (language and violence)



A disturbed man's missing wife seemingly returns to torment him into an early grave. But as he begins to lose his grip on reality, he is pushed to the edge with deadly consequences.

Psychological Thriller/Horror (Short), Some violence, language)